Excellent in Temperament and Plentiful in Intelligence!


Meet the Elgersma Family!

We are a vibrant family of 7. We live rurally in Flamborough on our family farm where we milk cows, grow crops and raise Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  Although the passage of time has brought our family size down (we now have a couple of married children and 5 grandchildren to help socialize your puppy), we just add a corgi to the pack whenever a child moves on to the next stage of their lives!

Our love of dogs goes back a long way, they have always been the perfect companion for us as a family and for our farm animals too.  Our children and now also our grandchildren are an active part of our puppy raising and dog training.

Back in 2004, we stumbled on our first “purebred, CKC registered, showline German Shepherd” and we have been hooked on purebred companions ever since.  

More recently, in 2014, our affections were drawn to the Corgi.  This was a fantastic complimentary breed to the German Shepherd.  The Corgi breed is all we could imagine for a family companion and a loyal friend.  While there is not an ounce of protection instinct in this breed, the wonderful temperament and kind friendly disposition fits into our busy family life, and open home policy well.

A few years ago we made the decision to just focus our breeding efforts on the Corgi. 

We really enjoy beautiful show quality Corgis.  However, our primary goal is to produce family friendly companion pets that are healthy, with outstanding temperament, looks and intelligence.

We are members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club.   


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